CEP 815

CEP 815: Technology and Leadership

1. Exploring Key Topics in Education & Technology

Each group was assigned a topic for the first part of the course and given the task to develop a WIKI/website on the given topic. Each group was to perceive themselves as the “experts” on the topic and expected to introduce it to the class.

This WIKI/website was to consist of a series of pages, broadly described below:

  • A summary page on the front end of the WIKI that offers an introduction to the topic. This page should address issues of definition, categorization, broad themes, etc.
  • This broad description should link to a set of sub-pages that offer an annotated list of key online resources about that topic. The goal is to not link willy-nilly to any resource out there but rather to gather quality resources that could be useful to someone seeking to learn more about the topic (or sub-topics) brought up in the first page.

My Group:

The Other Groups and Their Topics:

2. Final Reflection Paper

The Final Reflection Paper is an eight-page paper with two sections. The first section focuses on “Looking Back” and reflecting on the experiences of the summer. This section discusses the important learning that occurred along with how this experience would influence the future. The second section focuses on “Looking Forward” and serves as a personal manifesto for a personal learning program. This section projects into the next five years and outlines key topics of interest, goals, foundational resources as well as the role of personal networks.

AK Final Reflection


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