7. Jing Off

It’s time for the annual MAET Jing-Off!

Here’s the challenge – as a group we’re going to create 9 screencasts in 10 minutes! It’s been done before– and now it’s time to raise the bar (and represent #maety1)!

We will put you into teams of 2 (with one team of three), and you will have 30 minutes to decide what the topic of your screencast will be and lay out the plan.  The constraints are quite loose – it has to be related to educational technology, and it should be something you think is cool and that the world at large should know!

When the buzzer goes off after the planning session, we’ll help put you into position – and you will have 10 minutes to record your screencast!

The screencast should be no longer than 2 minutes in length.

Publish to screencast.com and post a link to the screencast in the comment box below!


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