5. Chopped: TPACK Style

Sunday nights on the Food Network, chefs from around the world compete on the TV show Chopped. The Chefs are each given a basket containing various and sometimes not always complementary foods to create an appetizer, main course and a dessert. The TV show provides the chefs with a pantry to assist the chefs in creating their unique dishes.

The show is very similar to way teachers utilize the TPACK framework in their lessons, the chefs must leverage the affordances and the constraints in the basket to bring the food together to create their one unique, creative and delectable  course. Much in the same way teachers must leverage their Technology, Content and Pedagogy to create a lesson that is engaging and envokes critical thinking.

We are going to take a spin off of the show and while you will not be making a meal, you will be utilizing Technology (some new, others not so new) in order to help convey the main idea of a selected reading from your text. You will have 30 minutes to complete your task, I have outlined the details below:


  • Each group will be given a “basket,” with two tools inside. For each tool, the group will have to come up with the affordances and constraints of using it in their classroom and find a way to utilize the tool in conveying a main theme from the content.


  • Each group will need their book, “How the Internet has Changed the World,” which will serve as the content component for this lesson. They will be asked to read: “I am realizing how nice people can be.” (pp. 368-9)


  • Students may select the pedagogical strategy of their choice in utilizing the technology to teach the content.

Once the group has completed their lessons, please use your camera/take a screen shot of the way in which your group coveyed the concepts using the desired technologies. Create a new album on our Facebook group sharing your groups photos.


Basket #1:

Basket #2:

Basket #3:

Basket #4:

  • Text Messaging on a non-Smart Phone
  • Pen & Notebook


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