11. Three Words for Education

The idea for this QuickFire is grounded in the idea of using three words to communicate what’s most important to you. See inspiration at Blended Voices here.

In the “three words to the world” assignment, students were asked to create a video, set to music, that would communicate the essence of the three words they most wanted to share with the world. The Three Words to the World video idea is featured on ABC News’ website. People can create their own Three Words videos and submit them there. Watch a couple video samples below and get inspired!

Some Things to Notice:

  • The three words make up a sentence that is a comment or command “Be The Change,” “People Shouldn’t Hate,” “Art Is Expression,” and “Believe in Yourself” (this is not a requirement – but does add to the “power” of the message).
  • The words are often creatively found (and/or depicted) in the video, not just added as text in a video software program.
  • There is no sound or introduction to each individual video, the beauty is in the whole.

We’d like you to try to do something similar — but using education as our inspiration – answering the question “What does education mean to you?”

SO….your task? Think of a creative way to depict your three words (or phrases). Next, take a quick video of your words (like the quick 2-3 second clips in the above video). Finally, I will produce a culminating video that combines all our “three words for education” – complete with a soundtrack! Upload your short videoclip to our Facebook page, and to Jodi’s YouTube Channel. Remember – this is intended to be a “rough-cut,” creative and fun way to display your three words. Here are a couple examples: Jodi’s First WordJodi’s Second Word.

Please have this completed by Wednesday, July 18th so that we have time to pull them all together into one video before the end of the course. Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! :-)


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