The SIG projects have come and gone! We have spent the last couple of days putting together our very own special interest groups depending on our own interests. Myself and two others decided to work on a Special Interest Group that focused on the practice of the flipped classroom model. We came up with the name SIGFlip and researched how people have been using it, what the benefits are, along with many valuable tools and resources.

The poster session went really well. The MAET Y2 students walked around and we shared our findings with them. They had many great questions and valuable input and definitely added to my SIG experience.

I think the entire project went well and I wouldn’t change up about it but I would probably add onto it. We had some issues with our QR code so if there was one change I would probably say that. Other than that it was a great collaborative work experience on something I really like and want to incorporate even more.

My plan for flipping (and other implementations):

Everything needs adequate planning and testing before launching. I eventually want to practice the flipped classroom model the majority of the time. I do need to start small and I need to think what the major concepts and big pictures ideas are that I want my students to take away. I want to think about what activities and classroom things I can incorporate that will keep my students not only excited and engaged but also putting what they know into practice to make their learning stick and be able to expound on it in the future.

Check out all the other SIGs from my MAETY1 Cohort. Everyone did a great job!


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