General Description

Voki is a free web service that allows you to create customized avatars. You can create an avatar that looks like you or be creative with your creation! Choose one of the available voices or record your own. Upon finishing your avatar you will get the link to post your avatar.

Voki Classroom is an option for educators to use in the classroom. Teachers can manage their students online and students do not need to sign up. Students can create Vokis and complete their assignment all in one place. Vokis can be shared or set to private to protect students.


  • offers students a creative way to learn and respond
  • students can confidently speak through their Voki
  • increases student engagement and excitement
  • website offers lesson plans utilizing Voki
  • offers multiple languages
  • has an informative blog


  • Voki Classroom is a paid service
  • Voki is public
  • Without Voki Classroom students will have to register on their own

Final Words

I could definitely see myself using this for a reading response/discussion assignment and I know my students would have so much fun with it!


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