Pocket (formerly Read It Later)

General Description

Pocket, which was formerly Read It Later, is an app that helps people save interesting reads in their “pocket” for a later time. Once “pocketed,” users need not be connected to an internet to access their marked sites. This should solve the problem of that woman holding up the Starbucks line because she is much more interested in reading about Justin Bieber on her phone. And then she proceeds to order her quad, venti, half-calf, one pump sugar-free vanilla, two pumps sugar-free hazelnut, extra hot, ristretto latte, with half soy, half low fat organic milk, with two paper cups. You know what I’m talking about…


  • lets you save webpages even without being connected to the internet
  • complies everything to one simple reader
  • has support in Chrome and Firefox
  • Pocket remembers where you left off
  • price = free (Read It Now was a paid app)


  • still working out kinks on Android
  • can’t change font size
  • no longer has the option of dark theme (night lighting)

Final Recommendation

YouTube is the most “pocketed” saves. Great in comparison to other bookmarking sites because it does not need to be connected to the web, but it also doesn’t seem like an absolutely necessary tool that is going to change the face of education. My way of saying I could do without it.


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