General Description

Lino is a fantastic collaborative, organizational, and brainstorming web-based post-it tool. Users can create a canvas, which is like a bulletin board or an idea wall, and add virtual sticky notes. This is great for collaborating, organizing, managing to-do lists, and much more! There are different colors of stickies to choose from in order to better organize your board.


  • you can use it without being a registered user (although I recommend it)
  • customizeable canvas and different colored stickies
  • can move stickies as well as delete stickies (author & creator)
  • has multiple access options (public, private, friends)
  • can email stickies
  • so easy to use
  • saves instantly


  • it can be overwhelming and disorganized with stickies upon stickies
  • only the creator of the canvas and author of the sticky can move stickies

Final Recommendation

Great for project planning, collaborating, presentations, and brainstorming. I can see students using this during research and brainstorming. Excited to incorporate this to English/Language Arts curriculum.


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