General Description

Jux is like the newer version of what a blog should be in this modern age. It says that it “is the best showcase for your stories.” It is easier than easy platform yo share words, photos, and videos. It is essentially a publishing platform to showcase a portfolio.

Users  have the ability to quickly and easily post block quotes, articles, photos, videos, slideshows and top-10 countdowns. And they have the tools to do so in a beautifully organized and fully intuitive gallery format.


  • Did I mention how simple it was?
  • It is fullscreen on every screen – desktop, ipad, iphone, you name it.
  • Every member has their own custom page
  • Can add widgets like albums
  • Able to embed YouTube, Twitter, and RSS Feeds


  • Still pretty new and building
  • Limited templates
  • Limited Fonts
  • Limited Layouts

Final Recommenations

Jux seems like a great tool for classroom presentations. It is really simple to use and while most of the options are limited, I am sure it will expand. They are still pretty new and I am confident that it will do well. The simple fact that it is compatible with computers, tablets, and phones make this a very likable tool.

I was playing with it and just thought I would show you something I whipped up in less than 3 minutes…

Jux Sample


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