General Description

Figment is a great resource I learned about at the NCTE conference last year. It is an online community where you can share your writings, connect with readers and famous authors, as well as discover new things. The number of genres is endless and they have a good number of contests to encourage young writers.

There is figment for educators to use in the classroom. Students can participate in a virtual writer’s workshop. What about privacy, right? Well, teachers can create private or public groups and students can make their works public or private. Curious about more? Watch the video below.


  • Teaching tool for educators
  • Students can enter in writing contests
  • Students can engage in live chats with published authors
  • Students can read works of others or have others read their works


  • More suitable for younger writers
  • Anyone can access your work if its “public” and leave comments good or bad
  • The content is not filtered for young audience

Final Recommendations

All in all I think Figment is a great tool but I find it more suitable for students in grades 6-9, maybe 10. There are ways to use it with other ages as well. Teachers and parents can teach students about digital footprinting, digital citizenship, and Personal Learning Network. It would also be a great time to talk about respect the works of others and the difference between critiquing and criticizing. I heard something about inkpop becoming part of figment. I don’t know what that means because I don’t know what inkpop is. I will look into it….


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