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We all need tools to get the job done but how do we know if the tools we are using are the right tools? Its important to research and test out the tools before fully using them. I have spent as little as a couple of hours testing out some tools before deciding if it was the right tool for me and my students and I have spent at most a year before deciding that something was not the right tool.

I should have started this when I first began playing around with possible teaching tools. This virtual rolodex is a way for me to organize my thoughts on the tools out there as well as to keep my toolbox armed and ready for whatever comes next.

Scroll over “Ed Tech Tools” and you will see the tools organized into Year 1 Tools and Year 2 Tools.

The tools from year 1 are organized as such:

  • a general description of what it does
  • the pros/affordances of the tool
  • the cons/constraints  of the tool
  • each review concludes with my final recommendation

click on one of the tools on the list. Each tool review will have the following:

The tools from year 2 are ones I was introduced to during the year 2 program and have not been able to play around with it and learn of its affordances and constraints. Therefore, the tools from year 2 are given a general description of the tool.

  1. Boolify
  2. Camtasia
  3. EdCanvas
  4. Handy Scanner
  5. PowToons
  6. Screencast-o-matic

Please keep in mind that everything posted here is my opinion and that I am not sponsored or affiliated with any one.

Enjoying digging around!


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