Being a Tech Leader

Me, as a tech leader…

Initiative – I can make the initiative to try to find areas in existing lessons and activities where I can incorporate technology meaningfully. I can also create new lessons and activities. On a larger scale, I can discuss things with other teachers about incorporating technology into their teaching practices.

Informed – Being informed about all the technology out there is important. What technologies are being repurposed for education and how are people using technology in education? My PLN will definitely come in handy. I need to stay in the know and the up and up in regards to technology. 

Knowledgeable – From all that information, there are certain areas that I will want to become knowledgeable in. I think of this as the teacher-researcher stage where I conduct research to get to know more about that one area. I will also look to my PLN for this one as well.

Risk Taker – Sometimes you have to spread your wings and fly. From experience, I know there can also be more information to gather, but something you just have to go for it and test it out. This type of experiential learning opportunities is great and it you can figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Accessible/Approachable – Being a tech leader doesn’t mean getting in people’s faces about whether they are using technology or how they are using it, but its making yourself accessible and approachable. One way I plan to do this is by creating a website where I talk about different tools and resources that are available. I am confident that I am genuinely an approachable and accessible person that it wouldn’t be too daunting for people to approach me about technology.

Supporter/Encourager – An important part of being a leader is to follow up with people. If someone asks for advice or help, I will shoot them an email or check in with them to see how things are. I will encourage people to keep at things when they run into frustrating situations. Technology can be extremely frustrating and it is nice to have a support team.

Model – The best way to be a tech leader is by living it out. I will show people what I do and then show them what my students do. Showing makes people believers.



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