UDL Educator Checklist for “Who I am…”

I find Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to be fascinating and helpful but the CAST UDL Online Module was not something that I really enjoyed working through not did I feel that it helped me to understand . I wish they explained all the information on the checklist better. As I worked through my own checklist, I struggled to figure out what some of the categories meant. I do like the idea of incorporating a transcript for students to follow along with or subtitles. The CAST UDL Online Module reminded me of online learning classes or E2020 classes. It isn’t presented in a very engaging way. Yes, its interactive and offers Assistive Technologies, but I found it dry. I find it ironic at times that a lot of the information they have for educators do not always find the guidelines as to what they teach. I found this to be true in some of my education courses and I am sure it happens more often than we would all like.

Moving onto my UDL Checklist. It took me a long time to go through each of the categories. I had to force myself to think differently as I assessed each category and tried to objectively think about my lesson plan. That was indeed the most difficult part that caused me to have a tremendous headache. It reminded me that we are so systematic and that we need to push ourselves to develop different ways of thinking. The challenge was beneficial and made me realize that I do need to scrutinize my lessons more carefully so that I am deliberate about everything.

There are more features than there are barriers but I think its because I am assessing my own. Its difficult to look at your own lesson plan objectively. I also know how this lesson plays out and can explain its features and barriers from experience. One of the challenges I did foresee was doing too much. Websites and screencasts can get overwhelmingly busy and bombarded with information that it causes more of a distraction. I felt overwhelmed going through the CAST UDL Online Module with the different tabs and buttons to click. I always want to do a lot and sometimes I feel like I do too much and it has the adverse affect. The solution to this is to know your students and know how to give each of them the individualized support they need to succeed.


4 responses to “UDL Educator Checklist for “Who I am…”

  1. Right on!!! I am glad I am not the only one feeling this way, but you had it right at the end. If you know your students you can use UDL to support their need to succeed! Thanks, your awesome!

  2. I agree that it was difficult to figure out each category meant but then I downloaded the document that literally went through and explained each component so it helped me to identify whether or not it was applicable to my lesson. Did you happen to see this document?

  3. Gosh you guys are awesome! I took most of yesterday off as I was feeling like my head was going to explode. After a run and hitting/kicking my bag for a bit I was able to come back and read through everything on the edlcenter.org website and things became so much more clear. That website was much better for my understanding than CAST. I am glad I walked away and came back to it or else I might have went KA-BOOM! Thank you for reassuring me that I am not the only confused one. Glad to know we are all in it together!

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