Lesson Plan [Re]Creation

I have been working on this Lesson Plan all morning and I am hoping I did it correctly. I really miss my MAETY1 colleagues and feel like I am so alone all of a sudden. Yes we have Twitter and Facebook and Texts and Comments and a plethora of other links, but there is something about being in a classroom all together and struggling together that can’t be created online.

Reading and re-reading over the tweets and facebook posts get overwhelming after awhile and I end up second guessing myself (which is just my nature). I looked over the directions and the example and found myself more confused. I wonder if I am over thinking things too much (which is also my nature). Its difficult because I care and want to take it all in. Re-Creating a lesson plan was fun but draining as I had to be extremely thoughtful about it. I played out how the original lesson plan typically goes and then focused on what I wanted to integrate, change, add, take away, etc. And all of a sudden I found myself at page six of the template. I took those six pages and condensed it as best I could without losing too much and I am happy with what I have. I just hope I did this correctly…

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One response to “Lesson Plan [Re]Creation

  1. I agree Annie! I’m having a little bit of a difficult time getting used to the online class too. I like being able to ask people questions in person and have them explain to me what they are creating and why. Don’t get too discouraged though. Your lesson plan recreation looks great!

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