Erin Klein’s Kleinspiration

I am so very new to Twitter and still working to get a hang of it. Although I vowed never to join this network, MSU’s MAET program required me to do so. I accepted the challenge to be open minded to it and quickly realized  that there are more ways to use Twitter than the way my students have been using it. I followed all of my peers and saw that they were all following me as well. However, on one particular day I saw that I had one more person following me than I was following and found that an “Erin Klein” was following me. I had no idea who this person was and felt pretty special that she would follow me. She was at ISTE with Jodi Spicer, who was one of the teachers of my Ed Tech program at Michigan State. My Personal Learning Network had expanded and it didn’t take long for me to realize that Erin Klein was a big deal. I was geeked that someone like her would follow someone like me. I looked on her website and she has so many great resources – check out Kleinspiration when you get a chance. You will not be disappointed!

While looking on her website and following her Twitter, I learned that she was doing some kind of Give-Away of things and resources she received from her network of friends and supporters. She has autographed books, software packages, and TpT packages. She has ways in which you can enter the drawing to win these wonderful goodies. Enter to win some of the best goodies I have seen by checking out her website! But don’t just stop there. Take a good look around at the plethora of resources and tools from the brilliant Erin Klein.

Did I mention how geeked I was when she started to follow me? Especially when Jodi said that she was “the person to follow right now.” I feel so much cooler now… so this is what Twitter is good for …


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