Tagxedo Star

Can’t believe the two weeks of face-to-face time is already almost over. I think back to the beginning of the journey and it seems so long ago. The time has gone quickly and I have learned so much but have not been able to really reflect on everything and have not had much time to process all the changes. I am confident that there is a lot of change going on. I am looking at things differently and thinking about things differently. I am constantly asking myself how can I make learning better? How can I incorporate technology to produce a relevant learning experience? I have been keeping a list of tools that I have been introduced to and have been slowly playing around with them and see if it would be valuable resource in my classroom and in what way I could utilize it. The amount of tools out there is limitless and I have always been mindful of making sure that the tools I use adds onto my lessons and is not the sole focus of the class. Technology tools can always be fun but it should be secondary. I have found many tools that will add to my lessons that will engage my students and produce a better final product for myself and my students.

I wanted to visually capture my journey thus far and copied all the words of my blog and created this Tagxedo star. The more a word is used, the bigger the word is. This star is a good representation of what I have been writing about – Creative, Education, Change, Think, Want, Education, Technology, Students, Presence, Standards


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