Chopped MAET Style

Chopped Quickfire? What’s not to love, right? Can’t believe I forgot to write about this today. Better late than never. Each group received a “basket” for today’s quickfire challenge. Each group had 30 minutes to tie in the ingredients in the basket with the reading “I am realizing how nice people can be” (368-9) from  “How the Internet has Changed the World.”

My Group – Amazing group Numero Dos: Myself, Ernie, Jeff, and Ryan

Our “Ingredients” – PiratePad & Sidewalk Chalk [a new technology & an old technology]

We collaborated ideas for ~10 minutes and then decided what approach to take. We decided to utilize Pirate Pad as the base of our assignment and then use the sidewalk chalk outside to demonstrate and showcase it. We were mighty happy with the way everything turned out and this was the first Quickfire I finished on time! A very big deal!

Pictures from today’s Quickfire are below. We felt honored that Punya loved our chalkwork so much that we found him snapping pictures of our masterpiece too! Great work team 2!

These pictures along with photos from the other groups can also be found on our group facebook page, which can only be accessed by its members.


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