Student Stress

Readings. Blogging. Collaboration Projects! Content Connection!! PORTFOLIOS!?! AAANNDD TWEETING?!?!

The familiar stress of being a student has hit.I have enjoyed every part of this class so far and I have been trying to figure out where this stress is coming from. I think it was ignited with the first Quickfire when I didn’t realize just how quickly 3o minutes went by. 30 minutes to do a project? While this was not impossible to do, the perfectionist in me threw a tantrum like a three year old child. We moved onto the next learning segment and right away had to learn what it did and how we might use it. Not only did we have to do that but we also had to blog about it, post it, tweet about it, and do another project integrating it. The speed was moving faster than the caffeine running through my veins. It was invigorating but I felt like I was caving in under a mountain of stress.

The stress wasn’t a stress I felt before. It wasn’t the typical school stress. My problems didn’t stem from the work. It couldn’t. I was having too much fun with them. It couldn’t have been my feelings of incompetence because we all felt pretty incompetent. My problem had nothing to do with technology. So then what exactly was the problem or issue?

The problem was the amount of changes I was going through all at the same time. I was changing but not having the time to process everything. Just before beginning class, I made the decision that I was going to change my mindset. I accepted the challenge of changing the type of teacher I was going to be. I was going to take everything in and commit myself to be the agent of change. I don’t ever want to be the boring teacher that lectures all the time (not that I ever did that). I’ve had many encounters with teachers who are unmotivated because of all the changes in education today. I wasn’t going to be like those teachers who complain about all the changes in education or technology. If you look back in history, things have always been progressively changing for…ever and guess what? It will continue to do so for…ever. The stress that resulted from my positive empowerment  didn’t do anything for my current condition, but its teaching me a lesson or rather something to keep in mind.

Stress is a given factor when learning something new. I think about my students who will undoubtedly experience some stress when I teach them a new tool. They will be excited but they will also need time to play and explore with the tools whether that be via a mini lesson or a small project. Not all students have the same abilities and level of  understanding when it comes to technology. Our MAET Y1 class is a good indicator of what our classrooms will look like. Some will be more advanced and experienced while others struggle to figure out the basic steps of getting past the signup portion. The answer to this is to create a PLN within the class. This attitude needs to be modeled as well as encouraged by the teacher. This will surely create a community of collaboration and support in the classroom.

So now what?

Now I continue to make lists of things I need to get done and begin moving through my list. I try not to over-analyze everything I do. I try not to make everything perfect and just say its good enough. I try not to lie in bed about all the things I need to get done and just close my eyes and sleep. I sound crazy and to a certain extent I am (aren’t you?) but I am this way because I am loving everything I am doing/learning and because I want to take advantage of everything I am getting. Its only two weeks, right? Well, of the face-to-face time. I am going to miss not being in a classroom surrounded by all these great people. Proof that collaborative learning is so much fun. We do have a great group!

Not sure what to expect for the remainder of the time but I welcome it and am excited for it!


One response to “Student Stress

  1. Annie – This is an outstanding reflection. I am sorry you have felt stressed, but so glad you can look at it in this way and grow from it!

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